Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Social Politics, People Propaganda

I also realized that I never moved my post from drafts to the blog for Chapter 12, here it is..

It is evident the strong role social media plays in politics these days. It is undeniable that social media permeates through every aspect of politics. I think it is good because it is increasing the amount of people that are informed about things. I think it is bad because I believe now that opinions are swayed too easily. It is easy to change your feelings about a candidate when the second they do something, there are 17 new posts, 15 new tweets and 6 new emails popping up on your screen, virtually screaming opinions in your face. It is now hard to discern whether your opinions are really your opinions. People blow things out of proportion a lot in social media and their personal bias' are far from hidden. You thought all you had to worry about was government propaganda, people propaganda can be very dangerous as well!

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