Monday, January 31, 2011

A blog about blogs

I love blogs. As a blogger, or “citizen journalist,” I have the opportunity to present others with my perspective of the news, and receive instant feedback from them. Often times, I find the blog section on a news site (or the comment section) more beneficial and educational than the actual article itself. The ability to comment on blogs allows for multiple people to share their side of the story and debate with one another. While this feature does allow for potential abuse, it can be quite beneficial.
When an article is written for a newspaper and published, it cannot be changed. If it is in the New York Times on a certain date, it will always be there. Even if there is erroneous information in the article, the only way to correct it after it has been printed is to write an additional article addressing the issue. On a blog, another user can comment on a particular issue, and if something needs to be corrected, it can easily be done.
Blogs are truly an interactive experience. Not only can you tell a story with text, but you can enhance it with pictures, video, and links to other websites. You can customize virtually every aspect of your blog. If you want your voice to be heard, blogging can be a great tool.

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  1. Are you saying that you have your own blog? Could you share a link to it here? Great image, btw.