Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New New Is Better

In the past 10 to 15 years mankind has made huge leaps in the advancement of hardware and software. What started off as the flip phone revolution quickly evolved into the keyboard/touch screen/ web surfing takeover. In 2003 I received my first cell phone. The present came on my birthday, and with my new flip phone, I felt like the coolest kid in school. Although there were no special features to the phone besides that it flipped, I thought it looked cool and was sensible for protecting the screen. Being just a 12-year-old boy, you wouldn’t imagine the phone being dropped ever however; I must admit that on the occasion that the phone jumped out of my hands, the screen was protected. Anyways, other than that the phone was a little pathetic compared to the hardware that’s available today.

As time has advanced so have personal devices that act as appendages to people nowadays. In 2007 the iphone revolution began. It was a sleek, small, and speedy little device. The touch screen phone had the capability of surfing the web, taking pictures, playing games, storing music, plus all the capabilities of an ordinary cell phone. The iphone raised the bar and set a standard for other phone companies to try and compete with. The iphone era made having a cell phone device be one of a person’s main priorities in life. I use my iphone constantly throughout the day. Whether it be to check my email/facebook, or to text or call a friend, I am always using this 6 inch device.

The technological advancements that have occurred in the past 10 years have certainly set a standard to be met, however, now the question is, “what’s next?” This phone phenomenon has taken over the world and has made everyone’s day-to-day life easier and more exciting. New New is better.


  1. Oh I remember the flip phones. It's amazing now how primitive we think they were. In 2020 what will be the norm? 3D? Holograms?

  2. I like the flip phones. It was like playing Star Trek, and they were easier to use in many ways.

    I do agree that we're clearly moving towards access anywhere anytime. I'm not convinced 3D is the way to go, though.