Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Media... Why I Love You

You guys wanted it strate so here it goes...
Some people are afraid to express or show their feeling for you but I would go to the mountain tops and scream aloud "I LOVE YOU SOCIAL MEDIA!" Of course you have your flaws, like the coutless hours I spend with you, or the constant distraction you cause when I'm trying to do my homework, but there is a kind of beuty in imperfection.
My first obsession with you comes from your ability to connect me to anywhere and anybody around the world. You have such a global audience that enables me to find friedns or acuaintances that i haven't seen or heard from in years. Just last week, I was able to contact a grade school friend who now lives in the Bahamas, after not having contact with him in ten years.
Your generosity doesn't stop there, your accessibility is impeccable. I can create accounts on such sites as Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook at no cost at all! Your aleart come to my phone, IPod, and laptop at anytime of the day. I can call upon you at any time of the night when I'm bored or if Howl is charging too much for admission or if it is too cold to walk to the D train.
Lastly and probably one of your finest qualities, you are so kind and easy to use. Most things are so complicated and difficult to access but your like a useful machine, that just spits out easy ways to be used, I don't know how to explain. My four year old cousin writes me on Facebook all the time. If that doesn't explain how easy your are to use, I don't know what does. With the click of a button, I can tell all 963 of my friends that I'm "sitting in the cafe writing a blog for class lol". There is no limit to the things you do. Social Media.... Thats why I love you!

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  1. Sorry, I can't comment on this, you got me laughing too much. Really enjoyed it!