Monday, January 31, 2011

Want to be famous? Or maybe experience Greece?

Blogging has changed the meaning of authorship. Today, we’re all writers. No longer can only an elite few write and publicize their ideas, beliefs, inspirations, and creative works. Today, we all can. We can all effectively market our blogs using a combination of social media and the number of readers can escalate astronomically. It’s free, and even better we could become famous. We no longer have to wait and see what other people think about events to formulate our own opinions. Today we can write what we see and create history instead of watch it happen. But maybe when describing something, you make a mistake; that’s no problem because now you can edit it whenever you want, and with today’s technology you can edit wherever you want. Maybe a piece of your poem came out wrong and it just didn’t stick well, so what? Go back and edit it, or get comments from your followers and see what they say.

Gone are the days of simply seeing words on a page. Today is about interactivity. We’re all authors; we all have the ability to work together, to change the world together. Today we can capture people’s eyes, ears, minds, and emotions on one screen. It’s not just about words anymore; it’s about movies, music, links to sources, pictures. I see my friends blogs describing their adventures abroad, but without pictures, their stories would have less meaning and less of an impact. I no longer want to just read about a beautiful sunset they saw in Greece (I'd prefer to be there), or the view they saw from the top of a building, I want to see it. I want to see and experience what they are, and blogging, with everything that can be included in it, allows just that.

Today, everyone has a voice, and thus a chance to make a difference.

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  1. Can you be a bit more specific about how it makes a difference?