Monday, January 24, 2011

Social Media

In society today, social networking and social media have become a crucial part of our environment day to day. Whether a person likes it or not, even small references to phenomena such as Facebook and Twitter come up frequently throughout the day. These references may be by the computer, radio, or simply seen visually by the individual. Hard to avoid, social media seems to be embedded in the lives of everyone. Whether someone chooses to use these advances in technology frequently or not as much, they are at the disposal of basically all individuals.

Facebook is a form of social networking that everyone is familiar with. Whether you are checking your notifications for a mere 5 minutes or spending endless hours on profile pages instead of studying for exams, it is a site visited by all. People of all ages enjoy this site which helps people stay in touch and communicate information quickly and easily.

While social networking can be very nice to keep in touch with relatives or old friends, some people seem to abuse the site in my opinion. Certain people may update their statuses numerous times within a single hour and upload things that are of little importance. It is also interesting to see things that people choose to display on their own pages. While people may be shy in person, this cyber network makes people think they can share more with others because they are not necessarily talking to them. Because it is through the computer, they may portray certain things that they would never say in person or choose to tell you face to face. I find this very interesting, that people seem to be more open through social networking even though many people are able to access this information. While this seems like a negative aspect of social networking, overall I think this area of communications is brilliant and hope to see it grow into more as years go on.

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  1. I agree, and think that there are some real benefits to social media in allowing individuals to improve their social skills in a low risk environment, and what they learn online can be transferred to improved social interaction in the "real world."