Monday, February 28, 2011

Bitter About Twitter

I remember when I first heard about Twitter in Spring 2008.  The websites headquarters are actually located in my hometown, San Francisco, California.  Although I have known about the site for a fairly long time, I do not have an account on the website. I do occasionally look at the Twitter pages of certain celebrities and news outlets to catch up on news and gossip though.  I find the concept of Twitter interesting and I think for certain people it is a useful and convenient tool.  However, I don't find it a necessary tool for someone like myself.  Let's be honest, I can probably count the number of people on one hand who are actually interested in my daily on-goings and location.  I know if I had an account I would obsessively post quotes, links, and photographs that I found interesting.  However, I feel that as an average college student, not many people would find me significant enough to follow.  Twitter, to me, only seems useful for celebrities and people of high importance.  It is great in order to receive breaking news immediately from a respected source, and it is fun to read information posted by celebrities themselves rather than paparazzi.  Celebrities likely appreciate Twitter because it provides them an outlet to let their fans know the truth rather than what the tabloids make up.  This makes information about celebrities more reliable and it makes fans feel a special connection with their favorite stars.  Unlike Facebook, Twitter focuses mostly on constant status updates and the Twitter user shares his or her insight with all of his or her followers.  Facebook focuses more on pictures and comments between friends.  Twitter does allow people to direct their statuses at specific individuals, but it mostly highlights announcement-type messages to everyone with the users network.
I think Twitter is comparable to the most simplistic and brief form of a blog.  The 140 character maximum keeps Twitter casual but it functions as an outlet for individuals ideas and expressions.  The concept is quite fresh and fun, but I find it most useful for following celebrities and news outlets rather than as a social network for teenagers and young adults.  I personally do not have enough interest in the constant on-goings and insights of my peers who feel it necessary to frequently announce their achievements and locations.  Instead, I would like to learn legitimate news right when it breaks and receive celebrity gossip and tips from the most reliable source...those celebrities.

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  1. yes, Twitter is referred to as a form of microblogging, and in part goes back to one of the original functions of blogs, to archive links.