Tuesday, February 1, 2011


While I am not an avid blogger, I do enjoy occasionally viewing them from time to time. My favorite blogs include those that deal with music and popular celebrities. Music blogs are very useful in order to find out songs before they come out on the radio and to keep me updated on future artists to look out for. Other fans of artists that I am interested in may also blog about future concerts or gossip about them. This can sometimes lead to confusion when different people have conflicting stories or information. Because blogging is so easy and accessible, anyone can do it, and one may not know who to believe. This causes me to not believe every blog that I read because I am not really sure about the authority of the writer, along with the comments on their blog.

While I do not trust all blogs, I feel that blogging is a great form of new new media. It allows people to express how they feel individually or in response to those around them. I feel that it makes everyone feel important and the possibilities are endless when it comes to blogging. You can read one about anything or you can write one about anything. I also do not think that there is any competition between old media and this form of new media. The two seem quite symbiotic in that they both need each other. People blog about what they see on the news or hear on the radio. It allows fans to interact with each other and viewers to give feedback on what they enjoy. It is a great step forward and supplements the world around us today.

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  1. Good point about individual expression. Even the most impersonal of blogs often can't help but convey some sense of the person behind them, in a way that other forms of publication do not.