Thursday, February 17, 2011


Guys, I just don’t understand Twitter. I have an account, but I can’t really figure out its purpose. I use it more to follow magazines, news outlets, or accounts that promote lifestyle choices that I am interested in (like eating healthier). But I just don’t know what I could post on there that would be of interest to people. I could say “Hey I’m going up north tonight” but who cares? If I put it on my Facebook status at least people could comment or “like” it. But even if people respond to me via Tweet it just seems strange. I can’t grasp any deeper purpose for it beyond businesses updating their customers with information or celebrities using it as an outreach tool. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing Twitter because I’m not, I’m just confused.

As a PR tool, it’s great! Got a scandal? Tweet your way to a clean slate; apologize to your adoring fans and you’re in the clear. Tell them what brand shoes you just bought and it’ll be the next great product consumers have never heard of… until now. Kim Kardashian posted: “I’m breaking up with my trainer because I only need Shape-Ups” or “Come see me at Macy’s Glendale Feb. 22nd.” Wonder how crowded that’s going to get.

Promotional tool, got it… but will someone please explain the purpose of Twitter beyond just using it as another means of updating people with your every move. But hey, feel free to follow me:!/alisonrenee218


  1. I don't get the point of Twitter either. It's just like putting a status up on Facebook and that's it. It's like sending a mass text to whoever cares to read it.

  2. I actually don't even think it works well for the purposes you listed. I've mentioned interesting ways I've seen it used in past posts, including for the Jimmy Fallon Show and ESPN Radio, but even these uses could be accomplished by using other tools. I almost see it as a way to text people you wouldn't otherwise be able to talk to. Personally, I've tried to get into it by using it and seeing what it offers, but I think other tools like Facebook include its function AND do more. People our age don't seem to care for it.

  3. I agree... other tools seem to provide the same function and allow the user more flexibility and options. It's interesting to think about what gets people SO into it, especially when they still use sites like Facebook.

  4. It works well as a form of networking, especially in the professional world, as an alert system, and as a source of information via crowdsourcing.