Monday, February 28, 2011

Follow Me

Instant gratification is what our world thrives on. Whether it is losing weight quick, or hearing news first, quicker is always better when it comes to results. This is what makes Twitter so great and one of the reasons it is gaining popularity throughout the nation. While it is so simple, the concept seems to be very effective and accepted. It is all about immediate communication and status updates. People are able to create one-liners that are sent and received with the “flick of a finger.” The accounts are free and anyone can have one which makes it accessible to everybody. Ordinary people can follow their favorite celebrities throughout the day or their friends and peers. You can “tweet” them with the hope that they will “tweet” you back. My best friend who is obsessed with DJ Tiesto is an avid follower of his Twitter and was lucky enough for him to “tweet” her back when she was abroad last semester. This concept of interpersonal communication with someone that you would never be able to actually speak with is fascinating. She was ecstatic with his response and this kind of made me want to get my own Twitter in order to receive contact from my favorite celebs. Twitter also makes it possible to know where certain artists will be, whether they are having a concert or doing a book signing, otherwise not to be known.

Personally, I do not have a Twitter and do not have any desire to have one. I understand why celebrities may have one to enhance their publicity and to get their name out there, but I really do not see why ordinary people have Twitters, other than to follow celebrities or companies. People will update their statuses just as much as their Facebook, but for what reason? Does anyone actually care what you are doing at this very minute or how your midterm went? If people actually did care, they would talk to them in person, rather than broadcasting otherwise withheld information to the public. I honestly feel like it is an invasion of your own privacy, but people feel the need to let everyone know what they do and how they feel. Like Facebook, it is just another way for people to glorify their daily activities.


  1. Everyone is always quick to point out that celebrities have Twitter because its good for marketing themselves and good for publicity. The fact remains that people have to go to said celebrity's Twitter account of their own volition. Its not like an email that is being pushed out to people. People have to have a prior interest or desire to follow the celebrity. If people don't show that interest and take the initial step to follow them, then no progress is made.

  2. It's also true that in the celebrity's absence, others will set up fake accounts to make humorous posts in the name of the celebrity, and sometimes even if the celebrity is on Twitter.