Monday, February 7, 2011

"Broadcast Yourself"

Honestly, I could not imagine my life today without YouTube. While I was able to live more than most of my life without it, considering it was created in 2005, during the years in which I have had access to it, it seems quite essential. YouTube offers an array of videos, ranging from educational how-to’s to recreational musical videos. The best part of all is that they are FREEEEEEEE! Free for anyone to watch and free for anyone to create! I think YouTube is a great opportunity for individuals to express themselves just like the YouTube trademark which is “Broadcast Yourself.” People can perform different talents and display them on the internet for others to watch and be entertained, sometimes even discovered. For example, the teenage phenomenon Justin Beiber was found on YouTube by Usher. Thinking nothing of it, his videos were posted but nothing was thought to come of this. Surprisingly, his videos were found by the singing sensation Usher who made him a pop superstar. Who would have thought that a few YouTube videos would put him where he is today? Clearly, YouTube can be life changing. While YouTube has not been THAT critical to my life, I enjoy this site and use it daily. I frequently visit YouTube for musical enjoyment such as videos or interviews with my favorite artists. Also, this site is very helpful for many of my classes. It enables me to view different things such as commercials and different experiments for my Psychology classes. Whether it is for fun or for school, YouTube is awesome!

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  1. The less said about Justin Bieber, the better, but it is a good example of how YouTube opens up a new pathway to celebrity.