Tuesday, February 15, 2011


While I don't think Facebook is an entirely good site, I do believe it has it's advantages. When I was a junior in high school I spent the summer at School of Visual Arts. There I met people from all over the world and three of my best friends - one from Switzerland, one living in Saudi Arabia and the other in Boston. I don't think it would have been viable to keep these relationships if we hadn't kept in touch via Facebook. We even continue to be friends today while they attend SVA and I attend Fordham.

I may not be a celebrity or important figure, but these people find Facebook very useful. They are able to make their page and post about upcoming events. The Black Keys so kindly reminded me that they would be appearing on Conan last night - thanks guys.

Although Facebook can be found useful, there is much on the site that is quite unnecessary. I do not care if a girl I went to middle school with is taking a bath then eating dinner then sleeping and that she loves her boyfriend or that my Grandma just did the laundry and made lasagna.

I miss when Facebook had boundaries, when it was only a community of college students... then college and high school students. Facebook, I will have an account with you, but not forever.

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  1. It is quite a change in social dynamics to know that we can never quite lose touch with the people we know anymore. For the older generations, there is an amazing experience of getting back in touch with peers we lost touch with long ago, but this is a transitional phenomenon. Losing touch used to be the default, now it will be the rare exception.