Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YouTube: Like Printing Money

I have to say, I was pretty struck by the section that focused on YouTube being free to upload for videos. In particular, the section spoke of using YouTube both to get out a message for free and to force media outlets to cover the message. Literally, the process is free press. I will be watching to see in the next presidential election whether a candidate uses this "two for none" approach to addressing the public. It doesn't necessarily stop at YouTube, and I'll explore the other social media possibilities as we approach them during the semester. However, politicians using social media should take care not to be like this guy.

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  1. ha ha, the "I Have a Scream" speech! That was actually good strategy for a live public address, but fatal for television, and plays badly on YouTube as well. McLuhan would call it hot content clashing with a cool medium.