Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Over the years there have been many different methods for people to express themselves. One of the earliest forms of recording a thought and expressing yourself was through writing. Writing is a method that makes ideas last forever. Now in the 21st century the methods for recording ideas have advanced and we can actually record a video with audio to keep not only ideas but memories forever.
Youtube has changed the world forever. Being able to upload or watch almost any videos of you choosing
for free has made life more efficient and available. People are able to view and experience new things and others are able to express themselves and maybe even become famous.
Youtube has also made people famous. Anyone can upload a video that is funny or serious. Youtube has become a way for people to express and share their ideas and passions. There are youtube stars now even. P
eople have made videos that have become so popular that they have achieved celebrity status through their internet video. Youtube stars are all over the internet and sometimes even make it to television.
Youtube is becoming the next television. Since you can watch television shows on youtube, some people just go onto youtube whenever they want to watch a show that they missed. I personally use youtube every day. It has become
part of my daily routine. I can listen to music and watch the videos to those songs, or even watch a funny video that someone had made earlier. Youtube has become the next new technology to take over the world. I can honestly say I
watch more shows and movies online than I do on T.V. Youtube and other cites like it have made it so unimportant entertainment can be worked around your professional schedule. You don't have rush home to watch that show anymore, or set the DVR to record something you know you are going to miss. Youtube has so many features and it has made the world we live in today more enjoyable and efficient.

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  1. Of course, now there are sites like Hulu and TV.com, and the issue of subscriptions comes up, but at the same time, we now have TV sets that hook up to the internet and easily display YouTube videos.

    Again, how about embedding videos instead of still pictures.