Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogging the Board Game

Bloggers are often referred to as "Citizen Journalists". The idea of any person being able to publish anything online however, has come with a price. That price is that you cannot make a profit from your posts. So then how does a person go about blogging for a profit? People have found a few ways to make a buck off their blog. However with that being said, does that make it right, to make money off a profitless blog?
Let's start off with the ways in which bloggers have made a profit from their blogs. Using certain tools such as Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, PayPerPost, PayPal donation, and accepting a place on your blog, being paid directly by an advertising company. Here's the deal with Google Adsense, it's an easy way to make a cheap buck. You start off by getting a code, to which you place text, images or videos of your choosing onto your blog. The average amount that people make for this is around $10. Next is Amazon Associates which lets its user post ads/images of Amazon books and products on your blog. However, the only way you can make money from this advertising is if someone clicks and then buys something from Amazon from your blog. Amazon provides many other items besides books and is a good idea for advertising online, however making the money might be a struggle, most likely because it depends on the viewers of your blog. PayPerPost takes very different approach to monetizing blogging. PayPerPost pays people to post on given subjects, and depending on your post, you could make from $5 to $500. The great part about this way of making money is that the money is directly associated with what you made, unlike advertising. Next is PayPal donation widget, which is pretty much just a digital tip jar. You can either connect PayPal to a specific post or the entire blog. depending on various factors you can earn a good deal of money from the donations, around $100. Lastly, is the oldest form of making money through advertising. You can just have an advertiser pay you to put up their ads on your blog. These ways of monetizing your blog however, come with a immoral issue.
So then, how could it be immoral to make profit from a blog. Well, because anyone can blog about almost anything, there are no real standards that people have to follow after blogging a post. This means that a blog could be making money through either its advertising or PayPerPost could be paying a blogger for posting a lie. In this sense being paid for blogging posts is immoral, however advertising ads on the side of your page do not strike the same issue and making money from that in my mind is a fair trade.

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  1. Maybe so, but I'm not sure many people make much of anything this way. But blogging can open the door to other opportunities.