Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whats the point of Blogging

Blogging. This relatively new idea has expanded the minds of people around the world that wish to voice their strong opinion from behind a small computer screen. This is a way for all different types of people to share their own ideas about what they deem important. From a young girl who blogs about her day in the high school cafeteria, to a business man discussing the NY stock exchange, blogging achieves something that no other form of writing can. Writers in the New York Times must have an educational career in the field of writing to voice their opinions, however the writers behind a blog that millions of people have access to can be written by anyone. These blogs that are created also provide the reader with a place to voice their own opinion as well. The fact that the reader can comment on the blog also allows more opinions and views to be shared. When i was in 8th grade I had my own blog on Xanga.
Many of the girls in my class would write about their day on this blog. I
was never really interested in the whole idea, but because it was popular
at the time, I got sucked into the world of social media. Looking back on it today, I was glad that I wrote things on that blog because it brings back memories of my childhood. Now, I wish I blogged more often back then.
This shows another positive aspect to the idea of blogging. Unlike paper
and journals that can be lost or thrown away, blogs will always be there
with a click of the mouse (Just gotta remember your password). I can list many reasons as to why blogs have such a positive effect on our society today. This is another example, the fact that we are using this blog for our class today!
Garrett M. Graff said, " The influence of blogging is overall a very positive force in the media."

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  1. Another one with Xanga. Very interesting. Actually, the NY Times magazine ran an article a few years ago about how teenagers were writing about their private lives on blogs, putting it all out there for the public to see. How different that is as compared to keeping a diary.