Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's weird to think about but it was around five years ago, when I first made my Facebook profile. In those past five years a lot has changed. Facebook has made drastic changes to keep things new, interesting and more convenient/efficient. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook has started a craze that has shaped social networking, and communication forever. Although there have been other social networking websites before Facebook like Myspace or Friendster, Mark Zuckerberg perfected the idea of a free social networking website and made Facebook the most popular social networking service in the world.

I frequently use Facebook throughout my day, for many different reasons. I check to see if anyone has messaged me, friended me or wrote on my wall. Facebook has become one of my main ways of communication. If I ever need to ask a question to a friend about anything, even homework surprisingly enough, I can almost guarantee that my friend will get back to me later that day because it is fair to assume that almost everyone checks their Facebooks' during the day. Facebook can be used for other resources as well. I can post a picture of myself, that I think makes me look good and portray my image as almost better version of myself through my Facebook. Facebook allows the user to put up all the good qualities about themselves without sharing the flaws or other embarrassing details about themselves. Facebook allows people to delete things that are on their profiles so that cyber bullying and embarrassing posts do not have to be shown to all of your viewers. Creating this new and better virtual persona also comes in handy when getting in touch with an old friend that you haven't seen in years.
Thanks to Facebook I am able to not only talk and communicate with old friends and relatives, but I can also check in and see what they are doing and what they look like. Facebook has made stocking easy and acceptable. I can communicate with a girl that I am attracted to through Facebook and start a relationship because of this useful tool. Facebook came up with the idea of a chat room. It's very similar to that of AIM or Ichat, except I just have to be friends with this person on Facebook and I don't have to worry about their AIM or Ichat adress. Whether you disagree with this new style of building or starting relationships, it has become part of the new world and although it replaces traditional ways of starting relationships, we have to realize that times are changing and just like our profile pictures, our relationships and ideas will change as well. In summation, Facebook is a very important source for information, and communication. Facebook is the best form of social networking in todays society.

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  1. Actually, chat rooms go back to AOL, and chat itself existed on the internet on its own, as Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The question of addiction that you raise is a good one, though, and chat and status updates do push users in that direction by providing continual stimuli.