Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Convenience of New New Media

New new media introduces a slew of new questions and concerns. A notable one that has most caught my attention is the brevity and convenience that accompanies most forms of new new media.

An example of this is the drastic changes in the lengths of published news and the sharing of information. These include everything from blog posts to facebook and twitter status updates, even to online news reports. For the sake of time and convenience, it seems as if every form of communication has been chopped in half. But in our quest for quick info, are we missing the quality and accuracy of information we post/read?

The point of blogging is that anyone can post at any time about almost anything they wish. So therefore, we, as readers are now expected to be more wary of what information is accurate and which is biased by the author. With millions of blogs out there for us to navigate through, how do we obtain real answers to our questions and quandaries?

With the influx of new new media, another trend has skyrocketed to popularity due to its convenience. This is the ability to access all these new modes of media anytime, anywhere from your cell phone or other mobile device. Most modern cell phones now have the capability to provide a state of constant connection to the online community. Now there is no excuse to be "unplugged" and no risk of missing a beat just because you're in the middle of class. Not only do most people now have this option to be online at all times, but many would say that they now HAVE to be. And this makes sense given the plethora of information that is continually flying through the internet. Disconnect for just one hour, and you've missed a month's worth of news.

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  1. Convenience is certainly a very important factor, one that makes the difference between this being only for hobbyists and it being for the general public.