Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Useful Videos and Youtube Commenters

The greatest part of Youtube, for me, has to be the access to informative and enlightening documentaries or interviews of people who have led intriguing expeditions or lives. Consider this video, aerial footage of an isolated tribe in the Brazilian rainforest whose most superior technological advancement in their possession are metal bowls and knives which they received through trading with less isolated tribes over generations. Youtube allows me to engage in information binges which change my human perspective, all of this without "broadcasting" myself.

The absolute worst part of Youtube is far and away the commenting section. While paying special attention to avoiding characterizing a whole unfairly, I must say that these people are some of the most unapologetically racist, vindictive, opinionated, and ignorant people I have ever come across. Granted, I envision all of these cowards through only user names and textual evidence, but see for yourself. Take a moment to scroll down after watching a video, if you have not already, and you will astounded at what you find. Even on a video which is as sympathetic to human difference as the one which I linked above, one cannot escape the wrath of bored fifteen year olds with opinions.

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  1. Great video, but why not embed it rather than just provide the link?

    The comments are where we get more into the social media side of YouTube, and you're quite right that it often is a dark side of things that emerges there.