Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The internet continues to amaze me. Youtube is just one site that connects people all over the world to each other. The excitement of stumbling onto another potential viral video is something that brings a dash of joy to my every day life. What would life be like if I wasn't able to watch an awkward adolescent lip synch to a Miley Cyrus song? Or see a man dress up as a teenage girl and sing a song about shoes? I find Youtube so useful I even have it on my bookmarks bar. Not only am I able to find videos of entertaining people, but i can play music, watch clips from pretty much anything I can think of, such as television shows, movies, news, political debates like Levinson, and sports games.

Youtube can be used by anyone: your grandma, your next door neighbor, celebrities, artists. It is an important outlet for expression and has the power to make someone a celebrity over night. You truly can broadcast yourself, anyone can. That is the beauty of Youtube, freedom of expression and just plain free.

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  1. yes, and beyond expression, there is also connection, people talking to each other via YouTube.

    Again, try embedding videos here.