Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Cyberbullying has grown to simply be a part of our society. In a way, I think that cyberbullying may even have replaced actual bullying. I think that some people are more likely to bully someone through various sources of new media. Face to face confrontation is uncomfortable for most people, but with the invention of the internet this is not necessary anymore, but the same results can be attained, sometimes even worse results. I think that websites like myspace and facebook are the biggest sources of cyberbullying because of the amount of information that one puts out about themselves on these types of sites. They become targets for certain information that they post. My sister who is a 7th grader has told me countless stories about kids who have been bullied on facebook, which then translates into real life fighting or isolation. I think it is a shame that these types of issues come from websites that have the potential to be so positive. However, everything in life has its downsides and I suppose cyberbullying is one downside of new new media.

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  1. isn't there a big difference between "in your face" physical intimidation, though, and anonymous online bullying from a distnace?