Sunday, April 17, 2011

Editing Wikipedia Assignment

A week after my added post to the Wikipedia page of my hometown, the information I added is still there. I found this assignment to be difficult as well because most of the information about any given topic that I could think to write about was already on that Wikipedia page. I eventually found something to add and to my surprise it has been unedited. This actually makes me feel a little uneasy, now that I have experienced the ease of editing a Wikipedia page. I wonder if I had posted something incorrect if it would still be there or would it never be noticed, then leading on future readers. I still like Wikipedia and intend to keep using it, but I will probably be a little more in depth with my research if I am using it for a large project.


  1. I agree! It seems so easy to edit a post, almost too easy. Even though editors claim the work has to be cited, I feel like smaller changes, despite how important they may be, might go overlooked by them. I like using Wikipedia as a starting point or a reference, but I think it has to be used with care.

  2. Sometimes, the placement of a comma can make all the difference in the world!