Tuesday, April 12, 2011


With my radio background, I'm normally all for finding ways to put your ideas and words out there.  So my complaint isn't necessarily with podcasting in the abstract.  However...

On ESPN.com I recently listened to a podcast about the NFL Draft, where I believe that Todd McShay and Mel Kiper, Jr. were discussing, if I'm not mistaken, this year's draft class.  Which would normally be no problem.  Except when the podcast was AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES.

Seriously, I understand where they were going with talking about every single player with a snowball's chance in hell to get drafted.  After all, mommy and daddy like it when their boy's name gets mentioned.  But no one else has the time for that garbage.  We've got jobs and stuff.

Just throwing it out there, there should be a "Realism Filter" that says that Podcasts should only be able to stay up if there's a reasonable chance that someone would listen to it all the way through.  I'm pretty die-hard, and after twenty minutes I moved on to Family Guy.  Modest proposal, just throwing it out there.

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  1. I understand your point, and have issues with time myself, but from what I know of people who do like podcasts, they want the longer content. If you're listening as you're working on other things, like chores or manual labor, or driving a long distance, etc., you don't want to have to load something new every few minutes.