Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Technology of the Obama Era

In the subsection "President Obama and His Blackberry," Paul Levinson talks about the security issue of preventing Obama's texts, tweets, and posts from hackers. Most people are aware that everything that is posted on the internet whether its pictures, status updates, or emails can still be accessible deep in the internet's mainframe. Text messages or phone calls can be tracked as well through your service provider. Any of these ways of communication can be intercepted or even hacked if the hacker had the right equipment and the right skills.

It would be interesting to know what the President of the United States was texting or emailing. Better yet, it would be more interested as to who he was talking to. However, information that President sends out is probably important and secret. This information would be really bad if it got out to the public early. I think it definitely would be a good idea for Obama to have his blackberry protected and his internet connection more secure than the average person.

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  1. It is startling how little privacy the president has in communications, unlike what we see in TV depictions like 24 and The Event.