Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reflection of Wikipedia Assignment

After class, I checked on my Wikipedia addition here and I was not surprised to find that no one changed or deleted it. As a matter of fact, I am the last person to make an edit to the page.
To be completely honest, I thought this was a very difficult assignment because in order to add a paragraph of information, you needed to know something about the subject. Not only that, but the article was most likely something extremely specific. For example, I thought of edited Fordham University's Wikipedia article, but I realized that I only know the broad topics that are already addressed on the article page. There are a few lines that I could edit, but that wasn't the assignment. I then tried to think of a band I listen to, but realized that everything I know about the band was already posted on Wikipedia. As soon as information is released about a particular person, place, or thing, someone has probably already posted it on Wikipedia. The only exception is if there is something specific to you that you may know, that others wouldn't know first.