Monday, April 18, 2011

"They" edited it!

I was quite proud of my contribution to the Wikipedia page of my favorite basketball player, Mike Dunleavy Jr. I was glad to have been the one to add the fact that he ended his playoff drought of 9 long years as a Golden State Warrior and as an Indiana Pacer.

I've been checking back on the page to see if anyone would take out the information, although I was confident that it would stay because I had sources to back up my entry.

I'm currently watching the Indiana Pacers - Chicago Bulls game and I had an inkling to check Dunleavy's page. To my surprise, my paragraph was edited by an anonymous poster. Reading through it I saw that whoever it was simply condensed it and made the language more consistent with the rest of the page. I didn't mind it, and I was actually impressed that someone actually visited that page in the first place!

So as I watch my Pacers struggle to hold on to another lead against the powerful Bulls, at least I know that people are starting to take notice of the tight group of players Larry Bird has put together. I'm just hoping I won't have to edit Dunleavy's page in the off-season saying that his contract wasn't renewed!


  1. Marty, what happened to Mike Dunleavy? That 2001 Duke team was the business.

  2. He had a lackluster spell as the #3 pick over with Golden State. Didn't exactly live up to the expectations, and didn't have a clear place in their fast offense. He was playing the 3, but under Don Nelson, he was pushed to the 4, which made no sense for a 6 foot 9 guy with the muscle mass of a prepubescent girl.

    He was shipped off to the Pacers a few years back, and although he missed out on the Warriors' first and only playoff run of the decade, he reached career highs in almost every stat category.

    He's had niggling injuries the past couple of years and had to shake off bone spurs in his knee which made him miss most of the season. Still, he's been averaging in double digits and has been a key part of their rotation. He's more of a role player now, supporting Granger, Collison, and Hibbert off the bench.

    Boozer has fared better from that 2001 team, as has Battier. Jay Williams' career ended early after that car crash (who knows where Derrick Rose would have ended up if Jay didn't get hurt?)