Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Second Life

Second Life is a virtual reality in which the users creates an avatar and lives in a virtual world. The first time I had heard about this game was after I saw the movie Gamer. Gamer is a movie in which the main character Gerard Butler, a prisoner is placed into a fighting game where someone is controlling his every move. The movie itself was similar to Second Life, especially since there was another game in the movie which was just life Second Life, however it used real people as the avatars. After the movie I learned that such a game was real, minus the use of real people and it also reminded me another game called the Sims. Anyways, as much fun as these games seem I am not a fan. I think that these games take you away from reality and living your own life. Although it may be entertaining and interesting to live as some other person, I think people should accept who they are and live their own lives.
However, I do see the attractiveness of this game. I mean being capable of changing everything in this world not only feels empowering but also allows you to do whatever you please. Really there are very few limits to what can do in this game and if you want to do sexual and somewhat perverted things to other avatars then the game allows you to do just that. This is where the weird part comes in, because I think that this is the reason that the game attracts so many creepy perverts who waste their time living in a fantasy. I think that Second Life is a creative and intelligent idea, however I think the temptations of it could take over someones life in which case people would lose what life they want to live more.

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  1. I really have to catch that movie! As for dysfunctional behavior, isn't that a problem for any social situation?