Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wikipedia Follow Up

Two days after I edited my the Wikipedia of my high school, Our Lady of Mercy, the information I added was taken out. I added funny things and memories of my school, probably irrelevant to the other students that attend the school. I used this assignment by more of a means to entertain myself then I did to add useful universal information to the site. I am surprised that it took them as long as it did to edit my entries, however the information I added wasn't that outlandish and I don't think many people go to the Wikipedia of an all girls Catholic high school in Upstate, NY. I think that would be a little weirder if someone edited it really quickly. This was a fun class assignment that allowed me to experiment on Wikipedia to find out how attentive those Wikipedia people are about the editing of pages.


  1. I always wonder about the Wiki police, hovering around waiting for someone to add an unattributed opinion or unsubstantiated fact. What would these people look like? i suggest checking out the music video for The Lonely Island's Do the Creep.

  2. although you did it for your own amusement, I think it's valuable to see the response to this sort of editing. If ethics weren't a concern, I would have asked everyone to include some false information in their edits, to see if and when it would be corrected.