Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Cyberbullying is a very real concept in new media today. It can occur in many ways and forms. With the amount of social media sites there are today the options are endless. Cyberbullying allows people to hide behind the computer screen and not confront the victim. I myself was a victim of what I believe to be some form of this cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can be much more then the obvious. I was unfairly judged by my facebook and its pictures.  Today many employers will look up peoples Facebooks to see what type of person you are.  However, sometimes these can be misleading. Pictures on facebook can be misjudged. In my case of this"cyberbullying", someone printed off pictures i had posted, and showed them to the pastor of my church claiming i was smoking and drinking. Both allegations were false in these specific pictures. To me this person had no right to print of my pictures and show them to anyone. We were not friends on Facebook and my privacy settings were extreamly high. This "cyberbully" asked one of her friends (who was friends with me) to log into her account in order to see these pictures. To me this is a form of cyberbullying. I was deeply hurt that someone would go to these means to get me in trouble.  I would advice everyone to filter what is placed on your facebook because anyone can access it even though you block them.  This person eventually apologised to me and to the pastor of my church, but we all learned a big lesson through all this.


  1. I'm not sure that bullying is the right category for that behavior, but it certainly was hostile.

  2. I can't believe that happened! That person went out of their way just to try and get you in trouble. Just when you think you're privacy settings work, people find ways around them. I think it was extremely wrong to present the pictures without discussing the issue with you first so you could have defended yourself.