Monday, April 11, 2011

Podcasts and Sports

While I hate talk radio (because it makes me car sick) I actually find podcasts quite clever and practical. They are great to download onto your ipod, put in iPod speakers, and listen to until you fall asleep. Its like watching a talk show on your favorite subject without having to look at a screen. They are also great for flights and, if its your thing, in the car. However, I am pretty lazy with downloading podcasts and usually just read about my favorite subjects online. My boyfriend, though, frequently downloads podcasts of his favorite personalities, critics, etc. He listens to all of Bill Simmons podcasts as well as Adam Corolla. Sometimes we lay down, close our eyes, and listen to them together to laugh and learn. Podcasts are definitely a great innovation for radio and television personalities because they can be listened to at anytime rather than set times in the day. Podcasts can take up extra space on your iPod, but you can just remove them after you have listened. Or, you can listen to a podcast on your computer while simultaneously browsing the internet, online shopping, or playing computer games. It is great for a multitasker. I found it very interesting and exciting that Fordham University hosted the first use of Community Podcasting, and I am interested to learn a bit more about this method.

To be honest though, I have never taken advantage of podcasts on my own; I have only been exposed to it by my boyfriend. When he flipped on the Mets game today, something stuck me. I listened to the announcers explain what was occurring in the game and that radio-type voice reminded me of podcasts. I think my boyfriend is very used to listening to sports announcers and perhaps more drawn to podcasts as a result.  The style of talk on the podcasts my boyfriend listens to reminds me of the random banter announcers carry on during static moments in baseball games.

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  1. It's a good point that, just as some of us are more attuned to radio than others, the same goes for podcasts.