Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's free, it's entertaining, and it's useful. What's not to like about Podcasting? To tell you the truth I have never really been into podcasts before I read this chapter however, after reading it I can see that I have been missing out. A podcast is essentially a broadcast that one can listen from either a computer, iPod or smartphone. One could even say that podcasts and radio's are becoming one in the same. The only difference between the two is that radio is professionally produced whereas podcasting can be done by anyone. It's another form of new new media, that differs in many ways from other new new medias like Facebook, or twitter. There are only a couple of flaws that one could say about podcasting. One flaw could be that some podcasts aren't professional and are not interesting. Another flaw could be that the fact that the only way to upload these podcasts through internet really inhibits people on the go, who do not have smartphones or iPod's. However one of the greatest parts about podcasting is that it can be uploaded via players, RSS Feeds and Itunes. Itunes for me would be the most useful way to upload a podcast, and makes everything much easier. In my opinion podcasting is brilliant. It opens up new doors for people who wish to either create a broadcast or people who just merely wish to listen to something entertaining.
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  1. A good point about the convergence of radio and podcasting. Podcasting is now the standard way in which radio broadcasts are archived and made available on the web.