Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wikipedia Update

I tried to update a Wikipedia page about a mall near my home in NJ, Garden State Plaza. I tried to include updated information regarding what the mall has to offer today since the post had been lacking current information. So, based on my knowledge I wrote about new stores that were being created, how stores were expanding, how the new movie theater has changed the mall's traffic, and about different services offered like personal shoppers and professional makeovers. Since I did not look up any of this information, I did not cite it. Bad move. It got taken down and I have to put it back up with citations from various websites to prove what I write is factually correct. Although I feel kind of like an idiot for not citing it, I think it is really good that it got taken down for lack of support. This shows that the editors take their jobs seriously and want to make sure that when people use information from Wikipedia, they are getting factually correct information that can be found elsewhere on the web.


  1. ah, the Plaza, haven't been there for a while now. Great experience here, learning about how citations are being required.

  2. I'm a little confused though because I have looked at other Wikipedia pages and on the top there is usually just a banner saying "this article needs citations" (or something to that effect). Is there some characteristic that determines whether the article needs citations to be posted versus just having the banner on the top?