Monday, April 11, 2011


I feel that podcasting is a great form of new new media in which one can express themselves. It allows people to proclaim their ideas and individuality to others whether it be on their iPod or in the car. Obviously, the free-ness of it all is amazing. While I do not produce my own podcasts, I feel that this form of new new media is not too invasive into one’s private life. Other forms seem a bit creepy to me, allowing people to know where you are at all times, which gets too invasive for me personally. The whole idea of actually creating something shows that you have a talent and I think podcasting is great way to show your uniqueness and get yourself known to others for a good reason. The example Levinson uses is very interesting, when he creates a podcast rather quickly in the beginning of the chapter. He discusses a popular problem known as cyber bullying and I think it is a great way to get your opinions on a topic out there for others to hear and be able to react to.

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  1. It is certainly easy enough to produce, a bit more technical than a blog, but then again it's easier to talk than to write.