Monday, April 4, 2011

A Second Life to Live

Second Life enables anyone to be anything they want in this virtual world. People who are unable to express themselves in reality can use this site as an outlet of their emotions and feelings. They can take on jobs and roles that they would never be able to be in real life and this makes them happy. They have Second Life friends who enhance their being and make them who they are in Second Life. MTV did a special called True Life: I Live Another Life on the Web, documenting the life of a teenage girl who lived her dream through Second Life. Her avatar was a musician, like herself, looked like her, but she was only able to perform inside this virtual community. She suffered from severe stage fright and she used this website in order to fulfill her dreams that otherwise seemed impossible. I felt this episode was very creepy because it just seemed so fake to me.

While some people may love the virtual world of Second Life, I find it a bit weird. I understand that some people have social issues, but I feel like they can be dealt with in reality. I do not understand the fantasy of it, why you would use something that actually isolates you, putting you behind a computer to have more friends. The concept of sex in the Second Life also freaked me out. It is like it took the Sims to a whole other level and I really do not get it. I feel like people should put their time and energy into things that are realistic and try to pursue their dreams in this world, the real world.


  1. I tend to lean closer to your thinking and that conquering fears and in person interaction is important. In this case though I think Second Life offers an interesting possibility. People who have disabilities can take on a virtual persona and do things that they would otherwise not be able to do.

  2. It's been established that rehearsing behaviors in safe settings can be helpful, so for example this sort of thing could be a real boon for overcoming shyness.

    Love the title of this post. With the recent cancellation of One Life to Live, and All My Children, I wonder if a Second Life soap opera might be a new media alternative?