Monday, April 11, 2011

Virtual Life, Real Wallets

Before researching Second Life, I understood it as an online space where users could simulate reality and interact with other users. You can do things like go to parties. You can even buy a new outfit for the party. Then I found out users pay real money to purchase Second Life currency in order to purchase things like clothes and other material goods. I personally find it a little ridiculous to convert hard earned money into fake money, but Second Life Users enjoy spending their Second Life money at the mall and on dates.

In 2006 there was controversy over the monetary aspects of Second Life among some of its users. There was an application that was created and put onto Second Life. The application, the Copy Bot, was an app that allowed users to copy anything in Second Life. This was a problem because people had paid real money for those items. It's not like they gained points to get a virtual dress, they paid real money for it. Eventually the Bot was announced to be a violation and could no longer be used.

I found this interesting because I realized Second Life wasn't just a place for people with no friends. Second Life had a whole economy of its own with different businesses and people creating new things every second. Not only do people spend money, but they can make money also. I think Second Life is a great outlet for creativity and a great place to simulate personal ideas and projects.

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  1. Economics, and status distinctions, are hard to avoid in any sustained human interaction.