Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sorry for the obnoxious title, but does anyone remember this?

Shaq is just ridiculous.  But back to Digg
Digg.  Never knew quite what it was, beyond a little button that appeared next to certain websites that I "stumbled across" (see what I did there?).

Horrible jokes aside, now that I have a more complete understanding of what Digg is, I get why I had never heard of it before.  All in all, it's a pretty flawed setup.  First of all, I understand the "power to the people" concept, but just like in government, you know what absolute democracies turn into?  That's right, mob rule.  Just because ten million people Digg Justin Bieber does not make him more important than, say, a Republican announcing his intent to run for the presidency.  Granted, I get that the idea is that everyone has their own account and you can read about what is important to you, but I hold on to the pipe dream hope that by forcing people to wade through substantial stories to get to the latest hot gossip, maybe, just maybe, something will rub off on them.  Digg, you are making us all dumber.

Secondly, there's nothing original about it!   Everything that would attract you to Digg you can get on some combination of Stumble, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.  Plus, let's not forget about YouTube. I am having difficulty finding anything that merits me giving out more of my personal information to yet another quirky little sight.  By the way, Google didn't want to buy them! Google rules.

If you want something you can really "dig", I'd recommend The 51-Yard Line .  The author is original and insightful, with your football fix during the NFL lockout.  Plus, I heard he's pretty darn good-looking as well, so it may be worth a look even if you're not a sports fan.  Just throwing it out there.

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  1. Good critique, but be careful about saying something isn't original when you are comparing it to some other sites that came after it.