Monday, March 21, 2011

You Digg?

Before this post I was unaware of the functions of I had heard of it but had never explored what it had to offer. I actually find it a quite practical concept and think I may join and return to this site. It definitely seems to be more of an information networking site than a site intended for digital social interaction. I like how there are filters for various categories, and I like how people can "digg" articles. It is also useful that you can look at the top articles in the last 24 hours as well as trending topics. I have noticed a certain quality of sites like Digg and Twitter that is quite different from social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. The former emphasize the condensing information into one simplistic and organized space, while the latter focus on user produced information and photographs as their main content. (Of course Twitter is a combination of these two aspects depending on how you use it, but for now I will focus on this aspect). Twitter and Digg both allow the user to choose their topics or people of interest, and can show the user information focusing on these. This means the user doesn't have to jump around from site to site seeking information, because these networking sites organize and filter it all.

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  1. good point, and it is an example of how social media take a private activity, like bookmarking, and let us share it or peek at what others are doing.