Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MySpace Music

Maybe you've noticed a reoccurring theme in my blogs, but I really like music. And mostly all of my time spent utilizing new media is for the purpose of music. Finding new music, expanding genres that interest me, learning more about the people that make the music I listen to.

Myspace is a great outlet for exploring music. It allows artists to create their own page, where they can put biography info, tour dates, pictures and best of all.. music. Just this weekend I went to a show in Brooklyn to see one of my favorite DJ's, DJ Mehdi, and I didn't know much about his opening act, JDH and Dave P, but I really liked them. When I got home I went right to their myspace and let their ten tracks rock out. They now have a new fan!

While sites like Facebook have more recently become up to date with music pages, offering music and videos to buy and watch, MySpace was always my classic 'go to' for exploring a new bands and artists. Before writing this blog, I checked up on what Facebook had to offer. I did not realize they offer basically everything that Myspace does for music. Upon comparison, after looking up artists on both pages, I found Myspace has more artists that have pages currently set up.

I still like that with a Myspace page an artist band or group can add their own style or personality to the page with colors and graphics and I will probably continue to use Myspace over Facebook for music purposes.

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  1. Interesting, and MySpace would no doubt find this encouraging.