Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Never had one. I've rarely even been on the website, so my thoughts on the subject are pretty vague. They're a lot like Pokemon cards to me; I never had them and I never used them. Even the times I was on MySpace, I distinctly remember not enjoying myself. Generally speaking, I can't understand why anyone would want their computer to instantly and without warning produce music of anothers choosing.

Let's see what Brian has been up to!

Wow, no thanks on that horrible Lil Wayne song, Brian.

Features like that, in addition to profile customization, polarize a lot of people. Facebook is precisely the opposite. Just through browsing your blog post titles, it seems that many of you have the same feelings about MySpace.


  1. No Pokemon cards? A child cannot be considered alive until the mission to acquire Charizard is complete.

  2. Less drama on Facebook, yes it's true. Less excitement as well? It's the same trade-off between vibrancy and safety that we find in comparing city life to the suburbs.