Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whats the point?

Currently, I am not a member of the Twitter community. I have yet to find a reason for making a Twitter. I felt as if Twitter is just the same as a Facebook status except with out the rest of Facebook. I never saw any point in creating twitter. Now, i hear so many people talking about who "tweeted" what. Really...? Who cares? Facebook is enough social connection for me, adding another social network would just increase the amount of addictive time I waste Facebooking. I guess this is just a personal negative outlook I have against it. I'm sure there are positive aspects too twitter as well, I'm just not a fan. For example maybe following a celebrities Twitter is exciting for some, I just don't really care.


  1. I agree! I can't really understand the point. Who cares if a celeb just got a latte? I can see why they would like to use it, but from a "fan" standpoint, I just don't feel the need to know every second of their lives.

  2. With Twitter, you might find folks in the same profession posting useful bits of information, links, job openings, etc.