Tuesday, March 22, 2011

dirt to digg

Digg is an online index for all news published on the web. It is a combination of stumble, facebook, and twitter. The user on Digg can search for information or news articles that pertain to their interests. Digg selects articles that fit your interests automatically. Digg also allows the user to have "friends" just like you would on facebook or twitter. Digg shows common interests between you and your friends and connects articles that interest both of you.

Personally I don't think Digg is all that useful unless you are using it for your job or school work. I just don't see how being connected to people for what news articles I'm interested in is really that big of a deal. I think that although it is an interesting idea, I just don't ever see myself using this website regularly. Digg flat out isn't facebook or twitter. It's purpose isn't to connect people for social reasons but to connect people based on what news articles they like. That being said, I just don't think this type of new new media is life changing or worth my time. Google is an easier and more popular web search that finds interesting articles as well and I just don't see Digg ever surpassing that.


  1. I actually tend to think that Digg is useful not for work or school, but instead simply for surfing the Internet. Its a great way to see what stories are popular and what other people are interested in. I've never used Digg for school before, I only use it to find articles that I'm interested in reading for fun. If a lot of people Digg it, chances are it will be a fun read.

  2. maybe the question is, is it a social medium devoted to news, or a news site with social media elements?