Tuesday, March 29, 2011


While containing a plethora of information, Wikipedia is still given negative spotlight by professors. However, I find Wikipedia most useful in answering my day-to-day inquiries. How do pineapples grow? Well, I can type “pineapple wiki” into my search bar and my question will be answered in about 5 seconds. Useful, quick, and simple are adjectives that describe this data monster. Although, we cannot always count on Wikipedia for resourceful information, when double-checked the facts presented on the site are almost always accurate.

Aside from “wikipedia-ing” common day curiosities, I use Wikipedia as a platform for academics. When my teacher introduces a new subject such as “Nicomachean Ethics”, obviously in the core class Philosophical Ethics, I can use Wikipedia to find out more about the subject. I can even access Wikipedia from my IPhone, yes I did buy the .99 cent app., making information even more simple to retrieve. Even though the facts presented may sometimes be incorrect, they are usually retracted quite quickly. Thanks to Wikipedia, I am a more informed being with the capability to have my questions answered in the palm of my hands.

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  1. What about Levinson's position on Wikipedia, though?