Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Flat Out Hate Twitter

I wish I could write a few sentences detailing the many benefits of such a seamless connectivity, as many of us will and should, but I really cannot. For me, Twitters deficiencies far outweigh the benefits, so much so that they are the only things I can think about. Don't believe me? Here are the current trending topics as of 1:30 p.m. this afternoon here in the heart of America: the internet.

#happy17thbdaybiebs , #isbetterthan , #guttbye , Jensen Ackles ,

Jane Russell , Ana Maria Braga , Justin Drew Bieber , Rubén González , FCAT , TAKS

I don't know whether to blame Youtube or Twitter for Justin Biebers career.

I randomly copy & pasted some tweets:

OMGTeenQuotez I think im afraid to be happy because whenever you do get too happy, something bad always happens

Very useful instruction for the maintenance of teen depression from media outlet OMGTeenQuotez.

Heres a strange one:

From 'The Social Network' to 'Citizen Kane', plenty of great movies have been losers at the Oscars.

Thats from Time Magazine, too. With so many advertisements, so to speak, for links to companies websites in the interest of their site traffic, it makes you wonder what you're really doing on Twitter. That Tweet is an advertisement for an article which has an advertisement, all of which are paid for with your eyeballs.


  1. I think you accidentally typed "blame" instead of "thank" for Bieber's career. Don't deny that you've got the fever!

  2. Much depends on who you follow, and what you look for, though.