Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Prior to this chapter in Paul Levinson's book, if someone mentioned "Digg", I would believe they were referring to something to do with mother nature.
 After todays chapter and lesson I am introduced to this ...

a new form of social media. To me, Digg seems quite similar to Twitter with current events.
However, Digg is not as popular as it once was in 2008. Twitter has seem to taken over the world of Digg. After learning about Digg, it is sad to see Digg declining in use. I think there are a lot of positive aspects to this social media site. Digg can be used to promote your own personal blogs, it keeps you informed on current events, and it allows you to use the "bury" button. This button allows opinons to be displayed on Digg. This bury button would be similar to the "un-like" button that does not yet exist on Facebook (however it should)!
Digg is just one of the many social media sites that will gain popularity and then slowly decline because of our ever changing culture. 

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  1. yes, the turnover is the one constant in new media