Tuesday, March 29, 2011


If you don't know what Wikipedia is by now, let me explain. It is a lazy man's life saver. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is open to the world. Anyone can view it and anyone can get an account to become an editorThe great thing about Wikipedia is that nothing on the website is necessarily permanent. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia for the people and by the the people. Personally, I love Wikipedia. I use all the time whether it's to check a quick fact for school, or to look up something that has been on my mind.
Wikipedia makes life too easy if you ask me. I mean if you type in a word to google chances are one of the first results to that search is a Wikipedia definition. To some Wikipedia is not reliable, and to that I have to disagree. For the most part, Wikipedia has editors who look through the changes made to the website and catch any purposeful mistakes made by tricksters. Wikipedia has never let me down and just like Colin Powell I think that world should rely on it more. All print media is inferior to online databases such as Wikipedia because Wikipedia has the ability to change and stay up to date on current events. Wikipedia is beautiful site that is very useful for my personal life.


  1. I agree. I use Wikipedia all the time for a quick term or phrase that I'm unfamiliar with. Usually, I will type something into good and the Wikipedia is the first link listed. Google just makes it easier to get to.

  2. Me too. You can find almost anything on Wikipedia and I have yet to have been given false information from Wikipedia yet so I believe it to be a very reliable source.