Monday, March 28, 2011

Digg Disappointment

I must admit that Digg isn't something I paid much attention to during the height of its popularity let alone now that it's not doing as well.

In one of my other classes, a student presented about how he uses Digg to get websites and articles for his tech interests and how it allows him to be able to get the information he needs right away. Dr. Levinson's chapter and supplementary lecture about the website definitely sparked my interest in it since I do a lot of reading about the soccer team I support, and Google News simply lists everything. While that's great for finding news, it's difficult to sift through what information is reliable and what should remain unread. So the concept of Digg was definitely appealing to me since it would queue up results that other fans think are worth a read. Another advantage of it is that the way everything is set up is very clean. There are not a lot of images or ads that get in the way of results and it's easy to just see the headline.

Unfortunately for my purposes, Digg has been a bust. I guess the Liverpool following on Digg isn't that prevalent and the results that come up tend to be more random than Google's. Most of the sites dug more than once are also just some fan videos of goals. It wasn't the news aggregating powerhouse I expected (as it is in the front page), at least for the topic I am interested it.

While the concept is pretty good and for certain topics and current events it could be good, I think I will stick to the more traditional media outlets and blogs I already follow for news. It was disappointing, but it wasn't a big part of my internet time in the first place.

No digg big deal.

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