Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poor Myspace =(

Whatever happened to Myspace? I was disappointed to find out that all my friends were leaving myspace to to go Facebook. I was a fan of Myspace's music pages and all of my photos were already posted there. Starting on a new site seemed like such a hassle, however it was a necessary move unless i wanted to remain on Myspace alone. I guess the move from Myspace to Facebook was for the better, however facebook is still lacking in the music department. Mysapce was a great place to go if you wanted to upload songs and listen to various artist. Even on your homepage you could add a song to your profile. Facebook is capable of posting songs to your page, but it has not become as popular as your profile song that was once on Myspace. There are both pros and cons to this movement from one social media to the other and overall I am happy with this change. I guess Myspace was just my first form of social media and sometimes its fun to look back at all the old pictures, blogs, and posts.

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  1. Actually, Friendster came before MySpace. But very much to your point, the value of any social network is derived from the people on it, from numbers, and it seems to increase exponentially.