Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey all!

I just want to let you know about a great opportunity coming up for those of you who are current juniors and Communication and Media Studies majors.

I and another student, Katie Corrado, have been actively working with Dr. Hardenbergh to start a chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the official communication studies honors society of the National Communication Association here at Fordham. We have finally done it! Applications will be e-mailed out either next week or the early the following week, so don't ignore those mass e-mails! We intend to make this a mentoring program and also hope to host events where Fordham faculty volunteer to speak to the students about current issues in the media today, how students can use their degrees in the future, and even research that they are doing or have completed. There is a written application that will have to be submitted to our Lambda Pi Eta e-mail ( If you have any questions feel free to e-mail that address or post them on here.

We also have a twitter account:!/FordhamLPE

Here is the website for Lambda Pi Eta:

Lastly, if you went to the event for Comm majors yesterday afternoon and already received the application, there was a mistake on the cover letter regarding the e-mail address. We have also decided to only accept applications electronically, so feel free to discard the hard copy (since you are going to be getting it via e-mail within the next few days anyway).



  1. I was at that Comm Majors lunch on Thursday and heard Katie talk about this, it sounds like a great idea.

  2. I'm glad you think so! We're just getting the application approved so keep a look out!

  3. historical note, I think this is technically reviving our chapter, as we started on back in the 90s, that I and another faculty member no longer with us were the initial co-advisers of.