Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As much as I hate to say it Mysapce, the social network for creepy perverts has pretty nice "music pages". Actually, it is revolutionary and gives young inspired artists a chance to be heard. Although I don't think people like Justin Bieber should be allowed to hold a microphone up to their mouth ever, I do think that Myspace is a great way for people to get recognized.
The music pages on Myspace allow the user to post mp3's of their music and allows friends of that user to listen to the music. Then hopefully, a record company will hear about all of the excitement and become friends with you and listen to your music. This is a great way to eliminate several levels of middlemen in between you and the record companies. Myspace is new new media because it's a way that technology allows us to efficiently acquire a relationship between musician and record company without going through agents, club performances and auditions.
I mean don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of Myspace mostly because of it's privacy settings which hurt many people. However, I can respect the music pages that are on Myspace. Not even Facebook allows its user to post mp3's of music of their own. Myspace has revolutionized the music industry in a small way however it opens the door for many more unrecognized new artists.

Mac Miller - Knock Knock

Mac Miller | Myspace Video

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  1. Yes, music was the first emphasis for MySpace, and it did serve that function very well, and generally for the arts as well.