Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Twitter: Secret Shows =)

Every weekend, after I get out of work on Friday, I head back from Grand Central to the Bronx to get ready for whatever show I may be going to that weekend.

Traditionally, you buy tickets for a show and know in advance when and where you are going. With the new wave of electronic/dubstep DJ's becoming popular, the ways of going to shows have been changing.

Many times there will be a DJ playing somewhere, and the special guests won't be announced until a few hours before the show. Then people rush to Webster Hall to see whatever act was just announced. Sometimes these announcements of shows and guests are not officially announced through the venue, so social media plays a great part. If you don't know the right person, see the right tweet, or get the right text message from a secret source, you miss out on a lot of good unannounced shows! This is my greatest use of Twitter.


  1. I didn't know that people used Twitter like that. It sounds almost like flash mobs. People receive direction to go somewhere, and must be tuned into a certain message directed to them by a coordinator.

  2. Its really cool, its not so much that you have to be special or important to be part of it, you just have to check artists pages a lot because they decide sometimes they are going to show up to a show and spin a set if they are in the area and they may tweet it an hour before the show. It's awesome because a lot of times you won't be able to see a certain DJ because tickets sell out and then you find out they are going to do another show or play late night somewhere. Also after parties are a big thing and usually don't get announced until the show starts.

  3. this goes back to raves in the 90s, which were coordinated by fax machines.